Creating Confidence

Many of us struggle with confidence. It is a natural feeling to have doubt because we are a species with a strong sense of survivability and our instincts are always trying to protect us from danger. However, that instinct has lead people to doubt before they believe in the positive. If you google “Glass Half Full” this is what you will find: “Is the glass half empty or half full?” is a common expression, a proverbial phrase, generally used rhetorically to indicate that a particular situation could be a cause for optimism (half full) or pessimism (half empty), or as a general litmus test to simply determine an individual’s worldview.” I cannot agree more. The way we view the world is simple and I believe both scenarios to be true. People who believe they can, can. People who believe they can’t, can’t. If you are someone who tends to see the negative before the positive, that’s ok. However, you are limiting yourself from reaching your full potential. I want to share some simple steps that will help you become more positive which will lead to more productivity and a happier life.



  1. Committing to Daily Words of Affirmation

Your first gut reaction to this may be “yeah right, that stuff doesn’t work”. Well, if this was your first thought you are likely a glass half-empty type of person. A study released on August 26, 2013 confirms that language has the power to reshape our knowledge and expectations of the world we see. Interestingly, another study released the same day found that one’s “dispositional attitude” is what makes some people love everything they see and others to hate everything. Put together, this new research offers clues on ways that someone can change his or her explanatory style to be happier and more optimistic. ( Science shows us that speaking aloud to ourselves can change the way we view things. Here are three simple words of affirmation you can start with each day.

“Today will be a great Day”

“I am happy and I am positive”

“I can do anything I set my mind to”

I use words of affirmation every day and those three phrases are included in many of the phrases I tell myself each morning. I like to repeat each phrase 10 times a day, every morning. Doing this creates a routine and you are LITERALLY PROGRAMMING yourself to believe these phrases to be true.

2. Commit for 90 Days

You will not see a change, in anything, if you are not willing to commit to the program. whether you are trying to lose weight, hit goals, or change your perspective on life. If you are not willing to commit to a 90-day program of doing this than you are not willing to truly make a change. This is something so simple that will take less than 2 minutes a day. Make it the first thing you do in the morning or do it while you shower. Just make sure you create a routine because that makes the routine become habit.

3. Speak Outloud to Yourself

A study by the Huffington Post confirmed that speaking aloud to yourself helps the words of affirmation to stick ( Athletes, politicians, CEO’s, Entreprnuers, and people across the board who have reached a high level of success have confidence but it is not something that always comes naturally. Self-confidence, just like anything, takes hard work and commitment. I believe I am capable of accomplishing anything and I have zero doubt in my mind that to be true. If someone has done it before me then I know there is a process I can follow to achieve it myself. So, I challenge you to follow these simple steps to creating self-confidence and start seeing the glass as “Half Full”.




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