Skill > Talent – See. Spark. Go.

10 years ago I was 21 years old and about to wrap up my time in college. My older brother Andy and his wife Brittany decided to launch their first company, See.Spark.Go. At the time I didn't understand what took to start a company nor maintain a successful one. According to Bloomberg, 8 out of 10 entrepreneurs who... Continue Reading →

Side Hustle

Looking for ways to create extra income but not sure where to start? This article is for you. You need to find a SIDE HUSTLE. The side hustle requires focus, hard work, consistency, and COMMITMENT. Figure out how much additional cash you want to start earning. How much time you want to commit. Timeline and... Continue Reading →

Take the Lid Off Your Potential

Take the Lid Off Our whole lives we have been told to go to school, study hard, get a degree, and a good job will be waiting for you…..well, I think we all have come to realize that just is not the case (exception for specific fields like lawyers, doctors, etc). Our view on attaining... Continue Reading →

Commit to Consistent

We are approaching the end of the year and with that comes new years resolutions. Why wait? Why do people, as a whole, feel the new year is a time to make changes. If you want changes in your life all you need to do is COMMIT. Commitment is the issue for people, not the... Continue Reading →

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