The Importance of Goal Setting

Goal setting is an essential piece in getting to where you want to be. Tony Robbins has said, “Goals are dreams with a deadline.” I believe this to be true because if you do not have a timeline on your goals or a specific method of achieving them, they are simply going to be dreams. All goals should be specific, have a purpose, be attainable, and have a timeline.  I want to touch more on each of these items in the paragraphs below.

  1. Be Specific: You Must Crawl Before You Walk

“I want to be a millionaire” is a common phrase people say when they mention goals. Yeah, so does everyone else but the difference between the people who attain those goals and those who don’t is a SPECIFIC game plan. Life has a funny way of showing us how to achieve goals from the day we were born but somehow people forget as we get older. A perfect example of this is my 6th month old, Huxley. Just a few short weeks ago the only way he could get around was if someone helped him. I could see the determination and drive in his eyes that he wanted to be able to crawl and move around on his own. So, every day he worked to become stronger and before you know it, he’s crawling. “You must crawl before you walk”. We have all heard this quote but for some reason, we all forget the simplicity of it. When you are setting a goal you need to be very specific about what your goal is. If becoming a millionaire is the ultimate prize, well you need to design a step by step guide in order to get there. You need to first crawl (investment, start a business, save, find a mentor) before you walk (attaining your financial target). So, whatever the goal is you need to be very specific and this will be the first step in turning it into a reality.

2. Have a Purpose

Setting a goal needs to have a meaning and a true purpose. If there is not something deep inside of you that drives you towards that goal then you will be more likely to give up. I set a goal to take my wife, Haley, to Spain. She told me early on in our relationship that it was on her bucket list and from that point, it was a goal of mine. I was fortunate enough to work alongside her over a time period to achieve that goal (pictures below are in Spain). When you have a purpose behind what you are trying to achieve it makes it much easier to stay focused and continue to push forward.

3. It Must Be Attainable

All goals should push you but they cannot be unrealistic. For example, if you are working a cooperate job and you want to be the CEO it would not be realistic to make to achieve that in the next 12 months. However, working towards your next promotion would. The proper steps would be to sit down with your manager and let them know your plans for promotion, the steps needed to get there, and expressing to them that you would like to achieve that in a realistic time frame and what that time frame would be and what would be required to get there. You need to push yourself but it is also important to create something within reach so you do not get down on yourself and give up. Once you start accomplishing the dreams you set out for yourself the more confidence you will have to achieve bigger goals and dreams.

4. Create a Time Line

Whatever your goal is you need to set a time in which you want to achieve it. If your goal is to start your own business then you need to write down the date you want to accomplish that. If you don’t set a date in which you want to reach your goal then you will likely keep putting it off. I have a friend, Ryan, who told me he wanted to compete in an iron man competition. That race is one of the most grueling events a person can put their body through and without proper training, it can lead to serious health consequences. The first step he did was pick a date on the calendar he felt gave him the proper amount of time to train. If he chose not to commit to a date he would have likely put off his training. Instead, he had a date in mind and committed to the intense training he needed in order to achieve his goals. So, when setting your goals, be sure to highlight the day you want to achieve it by. This will keep you committed and driven to accomplish it.

5. Lastly, You Should Look at Your Goals Every Day

Looking at your goals daily gives you a constant reminder to keep working and pushing yourself. You can ask any successful person, regardless of industry, and they will tell you that looking at your goals on a daily basis is one of the keys to accomplishing them. I personally have my goals scattered all around my house, in my phone, on my desk, and even in my car. I am constantly reminding myself of where I want to be and to keep working hard to get there. This is one of the easiest steps but so many people fail to do it. Anyone can accomplish anything they set their mind to as long as they understand the path they need to take, willing to put in the work it takes to get there and visualizing it on a daily basis. So, I challenge you to DREAM BIG, WORK HARD, AND TURN YOUR GOALS INTO ACCOMPLISHMENTS.

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