The Greatest Gift on Earth

As an entrepreneur, there are a lot of up’s and downs and false starts. There is not always certainty and fear can be something that can overwhelm you…THATS NORMAL. One of the things I learned as a child that I have implemented throughout my life is duplicating success habits. When I was pursuing a career in baseball I would study the players who not only made it to the professional level but I wanted to study the players who were great…How did they make it? How did they continue to increase performance? Well, it was simple. Manny Ramirez, one of the games greatest hitters, would spend 2 hours a day in the cages…and so did all the other greats. So that’s what I did and within 12 months I went from an average hitter to a great hitter…..from both sides of the plate. When I transitioned into business and started my pursuit as an entrepreneur I decided to find people who have reached the level of success I aspire to be and follow their blueprint. I want to expedite the learning curve as much as I can and the best way I know how to do that is to not re-create the wheel….just use systems that have been successful for people and always look for ways to optimize. Hard work is a key ingredient to being successful but it’s not the only ingredient that guarantees success. Hard work is one piece but the most powerful ingredient that you must have that ALL SUCCESSFUL PEOPLE agree on is a positive mindset. I am nowhere near where I will be but I have been and will continue to be committed to implementing the knowledge I am gaining from the people who have accomplished before me. I can say the key for my continued and growing success starts with POSITIVE AND PROPER MINDSET. I want to share 3 keys to developing the proper mindset that will kick-start your business in 2019.

  1. Eliminate Negative Distractions

When was the last time you were watching the news and became inspired in a positive way? Have you ever been watching the news and called up a friend and said “Man, have you seen the news yet? Isn’t that great! Let’s go out there and be better today”. No, the news uses negative press to bait in their audience. I never realized the effect the news had on my personal outlook until I was made aware of the above example. I was challenged to stop watching the news for 30 days and to look back and see if my outlook changed or if I felt uninformed in any way. Well, it’s been over 12 months since I watched the news and I have never felt better. What I realized is that the world isn’t going to stop because I am not up to date on the latest tweet from the President. I eliminated the negative distractions and created filters to only allow positive news into my life. Instead of watching fox news and CNN in the morning I decided to get on youtube and pursue knowledge through Valutainment, Grant Cardone, Ed Mylett, and many others. I replaced negative with positive and it has resulted in my greatest year in terms of success in business. I didn’t come up with this strategy, its been around a long time, I was willing to try it and I encourage you to do the same.

2. Positivity Challenge-24 Straight Hours

During one of my sales training courses in November of 2017, I was presented with a challenge. Go 24 straight hours with no negative thoughts…if a negative thought were to creep into your mind then you have to start over. Not only was I presented with this challenge but I was told that no one has ever succeeded at the game during the first 24 hours. Well, let me tell you something….MY CONFIDENCE WAS SKY HIGH. I have always been someone who has had a relatively positive outlook on life and I have my parents to thank for that. I would even go as far to say that at the time I felt positivity was one of my greatest strengths so I was ALL IN for the challenge and I knew I would blow it away. Well, about 30 minutes after I committed to the 24-hour positivity challenge I found myself helping my wife look for the TV remote and I caught myself mid-sentence saying “this is so ridiculous, how come we can’t put the remote in a safe place”…..challenge failed. I became a statistic and joined the group of people who failed the challenge. Initially, I was bummed and frustrated that I couldn’t make it but then I realized something after speaking with my mentor. The point of the exercise isn’t going 24 straight hours without a negative thought because that’s not actually realistic….the point of the drill is to recognize that a negative thought has entered your mind and to act right away to eliminate that thought. That is the key to creating and maintaining a positive mind…recognize and acknowledge your thoughts and then shift your thoughts to a place of confidence and positivity and not allow yourself to be in a negative place longer than you need. Give the 24-hour challenge a try and commit to it for 30 days and you will start remolding your mind to be in a positive state.



3. Positive Verbal Affirmation

5 years ago I was working as a healthcare recruiter and bartender on the weekends just to make ends meet. I was bringing in around $35,000 a year with not a lot of room to move up in the company. However, my goal was not to move up in the company or to become the worlds greatest bartender. I took that job to learn and I was willing to make less in the present to learn skills so I would be able to excel in the future. The day job was not enough money to live on so I needed to do something else to create cash but I did not have the skills at the time to sell anything…so I reached out to the guys who owned several successful bars in the town I went to school in and asked if I could work for them on the weekends at the new bar they opened in ATL. I wanted to work for them as well for two reasons… 1) I needed money and I knew I could make a bourbon and coke 2) They were successful so I wanted to observe their habits. So, I was fortunate enough those guys hired me and for some reason never fired me (permanently anyways haha). That was not the most fun I have ever had working but I knew it was temporary and I was willing to do whatever it took to make things work. Tony Robbins was one of the main people I was learning from at that time and he is big on verbal affirmation…which I did not always buy into at the time but I told myself when I started out on the journey of self-development that I will not be the person who listens to all these books and influencers….I am going to implement everything I learn until I find what works. So, every single morning I started my day with positive affirmation and I repeated these phrases out loud 10X each:

  1. Today will be a Great Day
  2. I am successful
  3. I will accomplish my goals
  4. I am a winner

I will be honest, it felt weird for about a month…I remember laughing in my car while driving in the morning picturing someone watching me as I would turn down my radio and go through my routine. See, I was not just going through the motions and verbalizing these phrases….I was buying into it more and more. I started saying it with passion and conviction and truly believing the words coming out of my mouth. What I started seeing was my outlook started changing. Mixing in the positive affirmation on top of the other items I have mentioned started to work. I started recognizing the opportunities in front of me and I wasn’t afraid of acting on them. I auditioned for a small role in the movie 42 because WHY NOT….and I actually made it. My confidence allowed me to take that risk and I ended up spending 90 days on set and traveling town to town while filming. That gave me access to A-list actors like Harrison Ford, Chadwick Boseman, and Lucas Black. The reason I tell you that is because I was implementing what I was learning it increased my confidence. I made it a point to build a relationship with those guys because I wanted to learn their secrets on how they achieved success. I wanted proof that what I was learning was real and not just something I bought into (like some of my friends told me). I remember sitting in Chadwicks trailer the day who was shooting an emotional scene about how Jackie Robinson hit an emotional wall and he didn’t feel like he could do it anymore. The racism, the hate, the emotional struggle of moving forward. I asked Chadwick how he was able to tune into the character and I will never forget what he said. “Simple, the purpose is always greater than the person. Jackie wasn’t playing baseball for himself, he was playing to change the world”. He then went onto to share his pursuit of acting and his insights on how he made it to where he is today….then out he walked out without even saying goodbye. That moment I realized people at the highest level of their professions all have such similar outlooks on life. Positive mindset, mixed with passion and a willingness to put in the work required is a path that works. When I asked the other guys their story they all had their own versions but they were all similar. Lucas and Harrison Ford simply weren’t afraid to say yes even though neither of them had the experience but they had the confidence in their skill and they went for it. Start by giving yourself a positive mind and one way to do that it through positive affirmation.


There is a lot more to creating and maintaining a positive mindset but these are three key elements that are common amongst the elite and items I have implemented and generated success with. Remember, it starts in your mind. Get your mind right and just take action.


David Thoms

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