3 Tips to Make it in Sales

“He’s a naturally born salesman, must be nice”. We’ve all heard this phrase tossed around over and over again. A common thought many of us have today is that people are born with the talent and that is why they have success. There is some truth to that but only to a degree. See, we are all born with talent but that talent varies in different fields but SKILL is something that is created through hard work. Most people don’t realize that SALES IS A SKILL and it can be taught….In fact, the best salespeople in the world are the ones who have mastered the art and the skill of selling. I am going to share three tips to increase your skills in sales and help get you to the next level.


  1. Learn to LISTEN

We have 2 ears and one mouth for a reason. Most people, including myself, don’t listen properly. Here is what I mean, there are 3 main types of listeners:

  • Opinionated- the person who always gives advice and it seems like you can never really get out your thoughts because they are quick to advise instead of quick to listen.
  • Occupied– The person you speak to but feel like they aren’t even present in the conversation. They are typically on their phone, sending an email, doing something other than listening to you. You cannot accurately listen to someone if your mind is in another place.
  • Engaged– This is the person who not only listens to every word but never passes judgment and does not give advice unless asked. They listen so well because they are able to put themselves in the speaker shoes and have a unique ability to listen, relate, and comfort. This is an area we all need to get better at.


These listening styles are common and we are able to go through them and see which style we are which will help you sharpen your skill as a listener. Sales is about listening to your customer and being able to spot a problem and provide a solution that meets their needs. Check out “LISTEN” and it will get you on the right path on effective listening.


2.  Make a Decision & Act

There is a quote, I believe from Grant Cardone, that states “The length of time between your idea and the money will determine your success”. What this means is that a great idea is a dime a dozen, everyone has great ideas but very few people every act on them. Make a choice today that YOU ARE GOING TO MAKE IT WORK. You aren’t going to build a successful sales career by hoping and wishing your way there. It takes hard work, failure, and the willingness to put in the ACTION required to accomplish your goals. One of the fastest ways to create success is ACTION. So, take the action to learn, take the action required to obtain knowledge, and take the action others won’t. Outwork, out believe, and commit. Like my friend Chad Hall says….#WorkWins.



3. Set Goals

I cannot emphasize this enough. You must set goals and create strategic plans in order to achieve them if you want to be consistent in your field. Sales is no different than sports because both fields reward those who are willing to work hard for it. Set your goals not only on production and income but also set goals for obtaining and sharpening skills. Set a goal to listen to one book a month on Sales/persuasion/Business/etc. You must have a clear vision of where you want to be in the future because it creates a roadmap on how to get there. Remember, knowledge is only useful when the KNOWLEDGE is implemented. 

These 3 tips will get you on the right path on your journey to becoming a sales expert. I encourage you to pick a book from one of the greats.  Go through my books of the month sections and you’ll find amazing educational options but don’t waste time, just pick a book and GO FOR IT. Below are two people that I encourage you to start with:

  • Grant Cardone
  • Zig Zigler


David Thoms

#CommitToConsistent #BuildingBlocks #WorkWins

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